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The Companion

A rolling tray for grown ups!

Every adult cannabis user deserves to roll their bud on a premium rolling tray! You work too hard to settle for anything less. When you go to work, run your business, take care of kids, grocery shop, work out, and endure the grind of everyday life, rolling up is one of the few luxuries that you actually get. Those precious moments of thrill and anticipation when you sit down to roll up that joint or that blunt is a small gift that you deserve. You should be rolling on the best!

It's just a wooden tray, what's so special about that!?

That's a great question! I'm so glad you asked. 

First off, each Companion is made from all exotic hardwoods such as maple, walnut and African Mahogany. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We have access to a WIDE assortment of even more exotic hardwoods such as Padauk, Zebrawood, Bloodwood, Purple heart, yellow heart, cocobolo, cypress, cedar, and many, many more. 

We build our trays in small batches so there's always a new design or pattern. And no two boards are identical, just like no two fingerprints are identical. So even if you and your bestie got matching trays from the same batch, the grain patterns will be completely different.


Plus we offer custom engraving so you can add your name or favorite phrase, making it even more special. That's a true smoking Companion.

Can't I just get one from the smoke shop for a lot cheaper?

I could. But here's why you shouldn't. Just hear me out...

The trays at the smoke shop are made from this really thin metal, so they get pretty dinged, dented and scratched overtime. That's just not going to happen with these hardwoods. But the real sin are those goofy graphics. Scooby Doo, Rick and Morty, Ninja Turtles, Captain Crunch, and more all sporting blood red eyes. Come on guys, we're not in college anymore. Those trays are cool when you just start smoking and you're just learning about Bob Marley, but a seasoned smoker like you deserves a premium rolling tray. Something a bit more mature. 

The Companion is special because it's built to last a lifetime. You'll be rolling on your tray for as long as you're a smoker. All my clients have testified to using their trays on a daily basis. I have one from the original batch from 2020 and I have used it every single day since building it, seriously. For the lifestyle cannabis user this is a lifetime piece. 

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