Show me the race or nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of people without any pride. Marcus Garvey, 1920.

We all know that a flag of any nation is a more than a cloth of various colors and symbols, but a summation of beliefs, principles, history and values of the people that are united under it. Likewise, this flag is a symbol for the world-wide liberation of Black people.

Red for the blood shed by our ancestors in the ongoing fight for justice, freedom and equality

Black for the people, of all nations across the world who are united by the Diaspora

Green for our homeland, Africa and it’s abundant natural wealth

And Yellow for the light that shines and burns within us. Our undying greatness in the face of despair.

This flag is a symbol of unwavering and everlasting black pride.


Dimensions - 58" Wide x 33" Tall

Southern Yellow Pine Spray Painted in Pan African Color Scheme

Hand carved wave effects

Solid African Mahogany Frame with tapered edges

French Cleat Hanging/Mounting system for user ease


The Black Liberation Flag